Tuesday, August 3, 2010

July Recap

Great turnout ! We had close to 50 people. It was a great meeting of the minds and most folks stayed until almost 9pm. If you haven't made it over yet, you are missing out. All are welcome. We now have the two presentations on video. We should have a more professional setup for recording the sessions at the next meeting.

"Graph Processing with Pregel" - Zach Richardson

"Extractiv" - Shion Deysarkar

Slides from the Presentation

There was some interest in learning how to decompose algorithms into Map/Reduce. Take a look at Jimmy Lin's (free in electronic format) book - Data-Intensive Text Processing with Hadoop

Also, the videos of the sessions from the Hadoop Summit are now available and they contain quite a few presentations on Graph processing

Thank you to our awesome sponsor

See you all at the next one !